ISO Shipping Container Crushed

ISO shipping container crushed due to improper use of slings on corner posts

There are many offshore fabricators in the market, and there are just as many suppliers of shipping ISO containers. An offshore container is very different to a shipping ISO container, and the design and fabrication processes are also different. As a result, the price is also higher in a offshore container than a shipping container.

Consequently, there are suppliers in the market who would sell you a modified ISO shipping container as an offshore container.

An ISO shipping container is not suitable for offshore use:

1) They are not designed for the high dynamic loads during offshore use

2) They cannot be lifted with slings

3) The frames are not suitable for high impact loading

4) They do not have ISO corners, and may not have padeyes that are integral to the structure.

Be aware of suppliers who weld padeyes onto the corner posts of a shipping container and pass them off as offshore units. You may even see cross braces on the roof of the containers. AP Containers do not modify shipping ISO containers for use offshore, and adhere to the strict standards required in DNV 2.7-1 from the start to the end. Our units are not fabricated using outsourced factories, but built in our wholly owned factory plant.

Ask these suppliers for their offshore container certificate and you will maybe be presented with something totally different, or they may not be able to provide one at all.

We have been serving to all the major service companies in Australia since 2004. Talk to us today, and you will be guaranteed a prompt response to your queries. The safety of your people is important to us- do not put lives and property at risk because you purchased a modified shipping ISO container!